Conservatory Features

Conservatory Features

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Dreams into reality

Conservatory features – Strata take ideas and features from across the ages to design structures which are sympathetic to customer’s properties, while mindful of their selected budget and requirement of the end use.

Conservatory features include a full range of possibilities in materials and colours. Modern materials with improved performance are being sourced constantly to ensure maintenance is kept to a minimum and running costs are also as little as possible.

Modern paints now stretch and breathe ensuring they will last for up to five years between coats.  Recoating couldn’t be simpler, it is easy and quick and up to three coats could be applied in one day. The choice of colours is vast, many matching popular makes like Farrow and Ball, British Heritage or National Trust, many of which are specified on listed buildings or rural dwellings, possibly within the national parks.

As well as being specialists in timber conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms, we also have a full range of coloured PVCµ, aluminum and composite products.

The Strata showroom is open 7 days a week and is centrally located in Festival Park, Hanley. A visit to the Strata showroom is a great environment to browse and be inspired by the range of possibilities. We provide ample parking and have good disabled access, combined with a superb range of products. Please feel free to call in, our staff are very experienced and knowledgeable and will be happy to give you room to browse and provide you wis assistance and advice if you need it.


  • Successful business for over 36 years
  • Over 80% referral rate
  • All installations have assigned project managers to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • British standard ISO 9001 accredited company
  • Planning and building regulation applications submitted and processed, where required, on your behalf
  • Computer Aided Design and interior design service available


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