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History of the Orangery

History of the Orangery

From the elegant Crystal Palace and the hothouses at Kew, Orangeries have been part of our historical past.


Orangery Uses

From a garden room to a study the uses of an orangery are numerous and can provide a room for all seasons.

Orangery Features

Orangery Features

Elegant structures reflecting features from historical architecture and classical details linked with modern technology.

Video Tours

Video Tour

View two fully furnished orangeries in our showroom using our 360º panoramic video tour.


Technical Details

The specification and fine points that make your chosen design unique and bespoke to you.

What is an Orangery?

Orangeries are structures comprising of a flat roof perimeter with a glazed lantern in the centre, flooding the interior with light.  The flat roof perimeter is highly insulated and can incorporate lighting and speakers, it also provides shade from high levels of sunlight, which can often be oppressive in a south facing conservatory.

A major advantage of orangeries is that the flat roof area ensures that the glazed roof area does not intrude on any upstairs windows and also gives easy access to clean and maintain such windows as well as the lantern roof itself.

These structures can also be designed to incorporate many traditional and classical features.

Where did they originate?

Records date back to the early 16th century of unheated glass houses in Italy and Northern Europe designed to house tender tropical plants during cold spells.

These structures were often free standing and south facing to maximize the suns rays.  Exotic plants and fruits were a reflection of wealth and so the fashion came over to Britain in the 17th century.

Many stately homes still have these original structures, although due to the severity of the English winter they were predominately heated.

Why choose an Orangery?

An Orangery offers more flexibility of design and use when compared to the traditional conservatory.  Their design can often compliment the existing features of a property therefore in some cases is more acceptable to the planning authorities.

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