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Why Have a Porch?

A porch on the front or rear of your property will generate an air lock that separates your lovely warm home from the ravages of the English climate outside. But a porch can be so much more, it can bring shape and character to a building as well as a home for plants, coats and shoes.

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Porch Features

Porches allow for sufficient space for a person to comfortably pause before entering or after exiting a building, or to relax on. Many porches are open on the outward side with balustrade supported by balusters that usually encircles the entire porch except where stairs are found.

Peace of mind as standard!

You will be seeking complete peace of mind during the installation process and our smooth and practiced working methods are designed to provide that. Our aim is to anticipate your needs along the way and ensure you are happy and informed at every stage.

Our Orangeries, Conservatories and Garden rooms are so well designed they are erected with surprising speed and little fuss. We ensure all areas of your home are carefully protected as required, and keep the installation area clean and tidy.

Our customers frequently congratulate us on our ever-polite and respectful site staff.  Good customer service has been critical to our growth as a business. We carry out “spot check” customer perception surveys with our customers not just upon completion of a project but throughout the process too. We seek to harness our customers’ feedback at every step of the way and are always on the lookout for better and better ways to look after our customers.

Much of our reputation has been built on customer recommendations and referrals. We encourage our prospective customers to take advantage of two important suggestions: the first is to visit us at factory; the second is that we arrange a viewing of one of our completed conservatories. We believe you can instantly “feel” what sort of company we are when you visit, and that you will sense our commitment to quality and to our customers: come and see for yourself!

Commissioning a Orangery or Conservatory is a big decision and one to be made with due care. We believe that an important part of your decision-making process should be to visit an existing customer and receive a personal testimonial as to the quality of service we have provided them, along with seeing one of our beautiful installations “in the flesh”. Our customers are exceptionally generous in their willingness to show prospective customers around. We encourage them to talk openly with you about working with us; we know that you will receive all the reassurance you need from hearing about their experiences first hand.

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